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1st Edition AD&D campaign, taking place within the Nine Duchies and Beyond!

This page serves as a replacement for the house rules and lore document, and provides a place for you to compile and expand information about your Player Characters as well as the game world itself.

Please refrain from defacing other people’s character pages or adjusting your item list or stats, as it will incur the wrath of the GM. However, please use this page as a resource for learning more about our game world and its people.

The Books

The original 1978 Advanced D&D Players Handbook by Gary Gygax is the only book you need, modified by these house rules.

You may, if so inclined, peruse the Monster Manual (1977) between sessions, but it is forbidden to players at the gaming table. The Dungeon Masters Guide (1979) is completely off-limits to players except with specific permission. This rule is to enhance your enjoyment of the game—you will lose some of your sense of wonder if you read all the ideas therein, the descriptions of magical items and what-not, and the precise behind-the-screen mechanics of the game to which the DM may or may not adhere at his discretion. No rules lawyers at this table! The only rules you can even TRY to lawyer are those in the Players Handbook, provided you accept the DM’s final ruling and don’t disturb the flow of the game.

Other D&D books may or may not be off-limits; consult the DM on a case-by-case basis. Modules and monster books tend to be off-limits, but there are some sourcebooks and novels geared towards the player with time on his hands. You may feel free to dabble in other “editions” (again, only specifically Players books, please), but don’t bring them to our game and use them for rules lawyering or “edition wars.” Propose any idea you like before or after the game, but don’t argue with any Final Ruling of the GM in-game.

Main Page

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